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About Medsurant Health


Medsurant Health was founded in October 2009 and has quickly emerged as the national leader in intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM). Medsurant Health corporate office is based out of West Conshohocken, PA, and we incorporate seven practices across 20 states. Our clinicians practice in more than 330 facilities from community hospitals to academic tertiary care centers. We embrace a patient-centered philosophy and their care drives our organization. As such, we consider our hospital systems, care facilities, and fellow clinical providers as team members all striving to achieve the same goal: The provision of excellent care for our patients.

Our goal: The provision of excellent care for our patients. We embrace a patient
centered philosophy and their care drives
our organization.

Through continuing education, progressive practices and unsurpassed patient care, we:

  • help guide surgeons
  • protect patients
  • provide cost effective support to hospitals for any surgery where neural structures are at risk.

The advanced multimodality approach that Medsurant Health clinical staff provides is above the standard of today. Working with our in-hospital clinical providers are teams of professionals providing support and assistance, complementing the hands-on delivery of medical care. Our remote neuromonitoring teams are comprised of physicians, audiologists, and other certified and licensed personnel who are tasked with real-time supervision, assessment, and surgical intervention recommendations for the IONM data that our neuromonitorists collect. At Medsurant, we are proud to support our diverse group of surgeons and health systems with the most proficient technology and clinicians in the field.

Our Belief

We believe that Medsurant Health most important assets are the people who comprise our company and their dedication to patient care. Our management teams consist of clinical and administrative professionals who provide leadership in clinical affairs and practice management. These teams include members of our billing and reimbursement department who are committed to ethical business practices and supporting the patients in managing and understanding their third-party insurance benefits.

Our Hope

We hope that you will consider the information in this website as an opportunity to learn about our organization and understand how our vision of providing quality care, industry thought leadership, and patient-centered operations are applied in all that we do. With a staff of highly trained and certified professionals, we are uniquely qualified to assemble a team that will effectively meet the needs of any practice. We appreciate the opportunity to present you with this information. Should you have any questions or comments and wish to contact us, please do so by clicking here

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