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Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) is useful in a variety of Neurological surgery situations, including:

1. Craniotomy for tumor removal (supra and infra-tentorial)
2. Spinal cord tumors (extradural, Intradural, & intramedullary)
3. Discectomies
4. Laminectomies
5. Cerebral aneurysm clipping or coiling
6. Arterovenous malformation (AVM) management
7. Microvascual decompression
8. Neuroma-in-continuity
9. Extra-cranial, intra-cranial (EC-IC) bypass
10. Brachial plexus reconstruction
11. Selective dorsal rhizotomies
12. Vestibular Schwannoma excision
13. Transphenoidal endoscopic cranial mass excision

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